Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Filled with a few laughs here and there. They some what "kill off" Jason Lee's character due to him making very little appearance in the film. He recovers in the hospital while the Chipmunks are to stay with their aunt and attend school. This seems more like an excuse to send the Chipmunks back home and introduce a new character. Toby who takes the place of Dave ( Jason Lee) as he "tries" to take care of the chipmunks. He is filled with poor dialog and serves no real purpose to the story. It was a very poor mistake to use Toby rather than Dave. I would have expected a move like this if it was straight to dvd or Jason Lee not wanting to play the role anymore. One of the biggest issues people may find with this title is copy and paste. The Chipettes find Ian who repeats his actions to them as he did to the Chipmunks in the first movie. Principal Dr. Ruben requests the Chipmunks to help with a music contest to help save the music program. This Squeakquel felt like there should have been more to the entire movie. The overall plot is lacking and the music selection was okay. The only redeeming thing about the entire movie is the Chipettes. They should have been introduced in the 3rd movie while making this one about something else.
This movie gets 6 sad faces and 4 smiles.  4/10

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