Thursday, December 1, 2011

PS Plus gives members two free games every two days!

     Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed today, members of PlayStation Plus will be offered a free game every two days. Starting today will be Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and will be available till Dec 3rd. 
     During this promotion we will see eight PSN games, two Minis and two PSOne Classics. All games have been previously available on Plus before so this give a chance for new members from the Holiday rush to experience what Plus has to offer. 

Sony will have a lot of new faces using Plus this year but it isn't because of content. 
This weeks Target ad shows a Playstation Plus 1 year on sale for $14.39. Target meant to advertise the 3 month card but this misprint didn't stop gamers from taking full advantage. You may want to check out your local Target if you are interested before they stop honoring the mistake as some locations have already did.

Game- Mario Kart 3ds Impressions Coming soon

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Game- Spider-Man Edge Of Time

Spider-Man: Edge of Time takes a lot of pages from previous games but is it worth swinging through?

     Edge of Time starts inside of Achemax, this is where a battle between, Anti-Venom and present day Spider-man. During the fight Anti-Venom absorbs Spider-man`s powers causing him to lose the fight and die. Miguel O’Hara (Spider-man from 2099) is at Achemax, trying to find out what Walker Sloan is up to. Upon spying  on Sloan, Miguel  discovers his plan to travel back in time to change the future.  Slogan jumps in as Spider-man follows. Miguel is trapped inside the time gate while the future changes. He sees Spider-man from the past die. After the changes to the future are complete the time game spits Miguel outIt is up to Spider-man 2099 to stop Sloan and save Spider-man from the past.
     The problem with Edge of Time is variety. There is very little of it with everything in the game. The entire game is set inside the Achemax building which allows very little room for variation. The game is linear with little to explore. Combat is boring and bland. With the game being so short, the upgrade system fails to live up to being rewarding. Edge of Time feels like you are constantly doing the same thing. Free falling happens 3-4 times and gets old quick. Each room’s goal is either, beat all the enemies to open the door or use spider sense to find which are holding the keys.
     Edge of Time borrows too much from previous games without being original. The combat, story and upgrade system are similar to Shattered Dimensions.  The abomination is identical to Web of Shadow`s symbiotes. What hurts it the most is being linear and short.  
     The banter between the two Spider-men is great. The dialog is very well written as well as the story. Edge of time has a very interesting story, but is over too soon. The in game graphics as well as the cut scenes are very detailed. They really flesh out what is going on during the whole game.

Pros: Story is interesting 
Graphics are sharp and detailed.
Cut Scenes are beautiful and amazing.
Challenges make the game last longer.
Final boss fight

Main story is short 4-5 hours to beat.
Costumes are cosmetic and offer no stat changes.
Edge of Time borrows too much from previous Spider-Man games.
Combat is dull and unsatisfying.
Not many different enemies or bosses.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Collectors Edition.

Not the review of the game***
This is the review of the contents of the collectors edition.

Skyward Sword CE is one of the best collector edition for a long while.
For the price of this bundle is a steal and is perfect for any Zelda fan.

It contains:

  •  A copy of the game
  • Wii Remote Plus
  • Zelda 25th Anniversary Soundtrack
  • 2-AA batteries
  • Wii Mote Rubber Cover

This is one amazing bundle for only $70.00.

Most people like myself do not own Wii Plus,which is required to play.
The standard game is $50.00 and the Wii Plus dongle is $20.00 (if you own a classic remote) and $40 for a Motion plus remote.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transmorphers: Fall of Man..............

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. Not only is this movie terrible but this was the 2nd title. Why are there two of these movies you ask? They took it upon themselves to make the 2nd title a prequel. I had no idea there was two movies or that I was watching the 2nd title.
 What confused me the most about this movie right off the bat was Bruce Boxleitner. Let me list some movies and shows Bruce was in : Tron, Tron Legacy,Chuck,Heroes, Babylon 5 and The Babe. Also did some voice acting for Tron video game and Kingdom Hearts 2. Why Bruce would you sink so low? I have a theory that he wanted to be in Transformers but couldn't get the role or was busy filming something else. He is in all and anything related to Tron, come on!
The acting and the dialog is awful. It's like they read their lines once then filmed without doing any takes. There is so much wrong with this movie. One part they are arguing in the car about the father over protecting her. She makes him pull over and she runs out. The boyfriend chases her,says some words they get back in the car. What was the point of doing that?
This movie is 86mins too long. When I reached the 45min marker they had saved the world and I thought it was over. Oh how I was wrong... After they "saved the day" I was treated to one of the most disgusting sex scenes I have ever seen. It starts off with a 2-3minute dance scene with nonsense dialog then ends with a 2-3 min sex. If you thought Micheal Bay was over the top in Transformers 2, let me tell you this is worse.
Hey there are robots in this movie. They are after a cellphone that is also a robot. All the robots in this movie are bad almost as bad as the cast.  Anyway after they "saved the world" more robots come to invade earth. I'm going to be honest after I saw them come down, I lost what was going on with the plot. I had no idea what was going on or why. The robots were poisoning the water or something.
No one should have to sit though this movie. I'd rather watch grass grow or paint dry.
I want to know what they were thinking when they made this movie. The dialog is terrible, the actors over react to a lot of things which mixes in with the terrible dialog. There is one scene where the satellite in the back yard turns into a robot. The guy pulls out a gun,runs back into the house,knocks the girl over and starts screaming at her to pack her things and get her grandmother out of the house. Yet all the robot did was stand there. When the guy comes back the robot flew away..... 
I am going to give this movie the biggest 10/10 sad faces I can possible give. Here it goes. 
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( /10

Movie-Green Lantern

Green Lantern
  Smiley Faces    
- Ryan Reynolds makes a fantastic Hal Jordan
- Weapons Hal uses are very creative.
- Decent acting and cast
- Cg is nice and is used for the suit which is a plus.
-  Sequel is foreshadowed in the later half then confirmed during the credits.  
      Sad Faces
-Flashed back to childhood after the movie already showed what happened. I didn't need to be reminded by a scene that took place at the beginning of the movie.
-Ryan Reynolds may be the Green Lantern but he is also Dead Pool.
-The movie feels rushed trying to explain the childhood,origin of becoming Green Lantern and having two villains.
-Parallax is poorly represented and looks like a monkey.
- Hal trying to use the lantern for the first time.
 There was good and bad but overall it was okay. It could have been better but then again it could have been much worse. I would suggest picking it up as a rental and watching it with someone. 
Green Lantern Movie gets a 5/10