Saturday, November 19, 2011

Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 Review.

The saddest thing about Mw3 is the been there done that over and over. This feels like another expansion rather than being a full game. The company is begging for good reviews from users,really? This game was good when it was Cod4 Mw. When Mw2 came out,it went down hill of seeing the same thing over and side tracking the story. Mw3 is going up against Battlefield 3 which is overall a better game. A new season pass is available for $50 for one year. It is nice to see there will be content added every month and having the pass will grant you more features than free users and added content. Season pass is a nice idea but $50 is a lot to shell out right after buying a $60 game. The day after it's release a new call of duty was announced. We all knew it was gonna happen but did you really need to announce it so early? Story mode doesn't have the Wow did you just see that moments like most games that came out this year. Modern warfare 1 was constantly filled with moments like this while mw3 felt like it was dragging on just to complete the story. The story should have ended in mw2 instead of side tracking just to say Hey there is going to be modern warfare 3 in two years. After the fall and decline of Cod3, Cod4 Mw came out and perfected the series and gave it a new life. Now after 4 or 5 years they are still trying to ride that train. Since mw2,call of duty has become the madden and dynasty warriors of games. One of the biggest issues was discovering the youtube video that shows buildings from previous Cod games placed into mw3. Now I find out that Modern Warfare 3 Developer Begs for Good Reviews. Are you serious? If you wanted good user reviews you shouldn't have made the same game over and over. If assassin's creed can come out every year with a compelling story added content and new things than why can't Call of Duty. It seems we are back into the Cod 3 phase where people were done and bored with it. I hope 2012 brings a new engine and a new game that does something different instead of the copy paste its been known for. Even the box art looks similar to mw2. You changed the color and turned his head. I really wanted to enjoy mw3 but I couldn't. There was nothing i haven't seen or done before. The first mission is suppose to be what sets you up for the entire game but it was boring and dull. I don't really want to compare this game to Battlefield 3 too much but overall everything in it was better than mw3. Call of duty gets a 10/10 Sad faces.

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