Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Game- Spider-Man Edge Of Time

Spider-Man: Edge of Time takes a lot of pages from previous games but is it worth swinging through?

     Edge of Time starts inside of Achemax, this is where a battle between, Anti-Venom and present day Spider-man. During the fight Anti-Venom absorbs Spider-man`s powers causing him to lose the fight and die. Miguel O’Hara (Spider-man from 2099) is at Achemax, trying to find out what Walker Sloan is up to. Upon spying  on Sloan, Miguel  discovers his plan to travel back in time to change the future.  Slogan jumps in as Spider-man follows. Miguel is trapped inside the time gate while the future changes. He sees Spider-man from the past die. After the changes to the future are complete the time game spits Miguel outIt is up to Spider-man 2099 to stop Sloan and save Spider-man from the past.
     The problem with Edge of Time is variety. There is very little of it with everything in the game. The entire game is set inside the Achemax building which allows very little room for variation. The game is linear with little to explore. Combat is boring and bland. With the game being so short, the upgrade system fails to live up to being rewarding. Edge of Time feels like you are constantly doing the same thing. Free falling happens 3-4 times and gets old quick. Each room’s goal is either, beat all the enemies to open the door or use spider sense to find which are holding the keys.
     Edge of Time borrows too much from previous games without being original. The combat, story and upgrade system are similar to Shattered Dimensions.  The abomination is identical to Web of Shadow`s symbiotes. What hurts it the most is being linear and short.  
     The banter between the two Spider-men is great. The dialog is very well written as well as the story. Edge of time has a very interesting story, but is over too soon. The in game graphics as well as the cut scenes are very detailed. They really flesh out what is going on during the whole game.

Pros: Story is interesting 
Graphics are sharp and detailed.
Cut Scenes are beautiful and amazing.
Challenges make the game last longer.
Final boss fight

Main story is short 4-5 hours to beat.
Costumes are cosmetic and offer no stat changes.
Edge of Time borrows too much from previous Spider-Man games.
Combat is dull and unsatisfying.
Not many different enemies or bosses.

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