Saturday, November 19, 2011

Movie-Green Lantern

Green Lantern
  Smiley Faces    
- Ryan Reynolds makes a fantastic Hal Jordan
- Weapons Hal uses are very creative.
- Decent acting and cast
- Cg is nice and is used for the suit which is a plus.
-  Sequel is foreshadowed in the later half then confirmed during the credits.  
      Sad Faces
-Flashed back to childhood after the movie already showed what happened. I didn't need to be reminded by a scene that took place at the beginning of the movie.
-Ryan Reynolds may be the Green Lantern but he is also Dead Pool.
-The movie feels rushed trying to explain the childhood,origin of becoming Green Lantern and having two villains.
-Parallax is poorly represented and looks like a monkey.
- Hal trying to use the lantern for the first time.
 There was good and bad but overall it was okay. It could have been better but then again it could have been much worse. I would suggest picking it up as a rental and watching it with someone. 
Green Lantern Movie gets a 5/10

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